Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.
— Eckarte Tolle


Often people decide to go to counselling if they are struggling with emotions that are interfering with their day to day living.  Many don't have the support of friends and family and often those that do, find it difficult to describe exactly how they are feeling.  Counselling can help you work through and understand your feelings and behaviour in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. Counselling is suitable for...


Most long term couples will experience a breakdown in communication at some stage of their relationship. One or both partners may feel taken for granted, unheard and even unloved. They may feel the other has become complacent and as a result their relationship needs are not being met.  There are many factors that can change the dynamic of a relationship and these include having children, financial worries, the roles both parties play in the relationship, change in sexual libido in either partner, infidelity or lack of trust.  The sessions focuses on how the couple discuss these problematic issues. They will also learn how to communicate their needs and feelings and how to listen effectively to each other.


As a trained Collaborative Divorce Coach and an affiliated counsellor with Separated.ie  Elaine also works with couples and individuals pre during and post separation and divorce.

Relationship Counselling 

Relationships with family, friends, or work colleagues can, just like couples, break down. Often reoccurring issues can be difficult to work through and need third party intervention.  Relationship therapy works in a similar way to couple therapy focusing on the relationship between the two parties and allowing both the space to understand the reason for the breakdown, what each party is feeling and ultimately to find resolve.  


If you are an individual or a couple, there are many reasons why people choose Counselling or Psychotherapy. Below are some of the more common issues;

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Bereavement, Anger Management issues, Control issues, Addiction of all types, Eating Disorders, Childhood Trauma, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour, Low Self Esteem, Work Related Issues, Relationship problems.


This is an online version of traditional counselling offered via Skype. Please click here to go to the Online Counselling page for more details.