He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world
— Unknown


Each of us is on our own individual journey through life. Life can be both wonderful and complex and there will be times when we all need to reach out for help. Sometimes those closest to us are too close to help us with our personal struggles and so, an objective professional ear is needed.

Counselling can help you work through something current that you are finding difficult to manage, and, if needed, psychotherapy can look a little deeper and help you to understand your unconscious mind and how it is influencing everything you do.  Getting to know and fully understand this side of you allows you to take full control of your emotions and reactions.

For many years, Psychotherapy has been called the talking cure.  Talking through your problems within the safe non-judgemental therapeutic relationship can allow you to gain a deep understanding of how and why you do things and creates the space to allow you to either accept or change.


Elaine is a qualified Counsellor and Psychodynamic Pyschotherapist.  A graduate of the Tivoli Institute Dublin, BSY London and IICP Dublin, she has over fifteen years experience working with individuals and couples through a variety of different issues.  As a registered Counsellor with Separated.ie and a trained Collaborative Divorce Coach Elaine also works with individuals and couples during and after the separation process.  

Elaine is accredited with IACP and works within their Code of Ethics and Practice.  

Therapy ROOMS

Elaine runs a clinic in Dunlaoghaire, Co Dublin.  Understanding the importance of confidentiality her practice is both comfortable and private. 

Trained in Diabetes counselling Elaine also runs a clinic in the Diabetes Ireland Care Centre in Santry, Dublin 9.  The centre is located in the Northwood Business Campus just off the M50.  Please visit the Diabetes Ireland website for directions www.diabetes.ie

Sessions typically last 50 minutes.  Whilst there is a comfortable waiting area we ask that you arrive at your appointment time to ensure the privacy and discretion of each client.